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7 things you should never do when trimming trees. Link to Rock Climbing vs Tree Climbing

Jules “Julio” Bartow

The Axe Man Climbeth
Aiming High. Danger Done Safely & Smartly: from Root to Shoot.
Baron and a Spork with Julio at Southern States
Dirty Jobs Profoundly Disconnected Work Smarter. And Harder.   Sacrosanct Symmetry Anagnorisis & Peripeteia
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Tree Climbing Techniques include the DdRT and SRT systems like the Texas (jugging) and the yoyo (or RADS) are not as energy efficient. Frog Sit-Stand with Ascenders. Similarities and differences to caving, rock climbing & towers (NATE) per TCI.

Knots & Hitches 101

Native Trees

  • Small Deciduous
    • Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)
  • Medium Deciduous
    • American hornbeam
    • Black Gum / Tupelo
    • Yellowwood Fabaceae Cladrastis kentukea
    • Wild/Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium)
    • Washington Hawthorn (Crataegus Phaenopyrum)
  • Large Deciduous
    • American linden/basswood
    • Honeylocust
    • Eastern Black Walnut Juglans nigra
    • Oak Quercus 1-year acorns (sweet): white alba, overcup lyrata, chinquapin muehlenbergii, bur [mossy-cup] macrocarpa, post stellata, chestnut prinus, swamp white bicolor     —     northern red rubra, southern red [spanish] falcata, black velutina
      2-year acorns (bitter): pin velutina, water nigra, blackjack marilandica, sawtooth [gobbler] accutissima, willow phellos, scarlet coccinea live virginiana (evergreen), shingle imbricaria , shumard
    • Shagbark hickory
    • Sweetgum
    • Sycamore
    • Tulip Poplar Liriodendron tulipifera
    • Birch
  • Evergreen
    • American holly Ilex
    • Southern Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora
    • Sweetbay Magnolia M. virginiana
    • Gymnosperms Repro
  • Weeds/Invasive


Fatality Rates per 100,000 Workers

  1. Commercial Fishermen 118.4
  2. Loggers – Ax Men: 92.9
  3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers: 66.9
  4. Structural Iron and Steel Workers: 55.6
  5. Tree Care, 47.9

Everyone dies.

Plan the Work. Work the Plan. Prevent “caught-in”, “struck-by”, trips, slips, falls and back injuries.

SAEMetricRope Size & Typical Uses
3/8”9.5 mmprusik cord
7/16”11.1 mm~ rock climbing
1/2”12.7 mmarborist climbing, Ø too large for Petzl RIG
OK for Petzl I'D L 11.5-13mm
5/8”15.9 mmrigging
11/16”17.5 mm   "
3/4”19 mm   "
7/8”22.2 mm   "
1” 25.4 mm   "
Seedling< 3 feet
Sapling< 2 3/4> 3 feet
Pole> 2 3/4” & < 11 3/4
Tree> 12”

Cooper's Combat Colors

Relaxed - Unaware
Attentive - General Awareness
Alert - Focused Threat
Alarm - Focused Target
Comatose - Immobilized
This super friendly Pit Bull was as bored at the Quaker Steak & Lube TheLube.com bar as I was. Fellow truck driver student Cucumber's sister worked at the one in Fredericksburg. It was obligatory classmate bonding. I hiked out to the toolbox of my pickup in the parking lot, cut off a hank of line and made a chew toy. My cell phone, a Samsung Note II, automagically made this active GIF, a single photo file with many layers, by recognizing a common background.
Thrive • Virginia Native Plant Society (VNPS), Potowmack ChapterMaster Gardners (703) 324-8556 • Richard Preston on TEDGoat's Got Your Zygote: Sex with Sheep
Jules Bartow